Photoprogram '24', a project curated by Yuri Avvakumov, is a simple model of a progressive museum with regular rotation of exposition and continual augmentation of funds. '24' is an exhibition of 24 photographs by a contemporary photographer, architect or artist devoted to the art of architecture. It takes place in Moscow State Museum of architecture (Year 1) and Moscow House of Photography (year 2). The openings are held every fourth Tuesday of each month. Four prints go to the museum's archives, four new postcards to the kiosk. The project is estimated to run for two years with a concluding show of Museum's acquisitions and possible prolongation.

The Moscow House of Photography is the first museum in Russia specializing exclusively in photography and executing a comprehensive program for development of domestic photographic art. It holds more than 50,000 items in its collection.

Museum's opening hours are: Tue - Sun 11:00AM - 8:00PM

Address: Ostozhenka str., 16 (Metro Kropotkinskaya or Park Kultury)

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This site is designed and maintained by Yuri Avvakumov and Yuri Palmin

"The series of exhibitions of architectural photographs not only clarifies the notion of architectural photography but also of photography and architecture generally. Here pictures of ruins give way to pictures of the splendid VDNKh, and poetry to archaeology. The exhibitions of most participants in this project combine both these qualities."

Konstantin Agunovich, AFISHA - Five best exhibitions of 2000

"...the season's most amazing photo project - "24" cycle"

Alexey Udarnikov. Gazeta.Ru

"Architecture is the progenitor of all the arts, while photography is the midwife of new techniques. Their union has resulted in this year's most interesting photographic project - a series of exhibitions in the Museum of Architecture entitled 24 Photos. Different artists are united by this architectural theme and 24 frames for common use."

Kirill Ilyushenko. Russkii Zhurnal.

"Architectural photography is nothing new and is on an equal footing with other genres. However, it is not often put before the general public because it is not one of the prestigious, and no less important, profitable and market-oriented genres like sport and fashion photography, or political portraits. While a photojournalist is often compared to a hunter, and a successful press photo, with its emotional impact, when it catches 'the moment' or the climax of rapidly developing events, with a rifle shot, architectural photography is diametrically opposed to that in terms of technique and the impression it makes on its audience. With a few exceptions, for example the sharp dynamic of constructivist photography, architectural photography is meditative, disposed to contemplation.

The photographer's lens captures different parts of the architectural mosaic of Moscow and Russian towns, where all possible tastes, styles and architectural epochs are merged in an eclectic ecstasy. From the 16th to the 20th centuries: modernist and Stalin Empire, classicism and New Russian architecture, palaces and cheap five-storey blocks, churches and clubs, totalitarian scale, aristocratic luxury and mercantile ostentation, cheap popular styles and geometric constructivist forms."

Alla Mirovskaya. Novoye Vremya

"Here you realise that Avvakumov's two-year project showing different photographers in a single space sheds a fascinating light on the situation in architectural photography."

Aleksei Tarkhanov. Kommersant Daily.

"Avvakumov's series "24" is continuing. Like Santa Barbara, it is "long drawn out, but irresistible."

Yevgeniya Gershkovich. Mezonin